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Perfect Handling Equipment-trackless electric flat car

DATE: 2021-02-16
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The trackless electric flat car has a load capacity of 20T and relies on battery power. It is mainly used to transport large pressure vessel tanks. Its industries include chemical equipment enamel; Class I and II pressure vessels, tank engineering equipment factories, etc. are widely used and are widely used during transportation. V-shaped and U-shaped tooling racks can also be customized according to the diameter. The main advantage of our trolley car is that it is very stable in transportation, has the ability to adapt to the unevenness of the ground, can always maintain the level of the table, and the ability to pass obstacles is outstanding, giving customers a safe and reliable experience.

Henan Perfect Handling Equipment Co., Ltd. develops and produces a trackless electric flat car, which can not only customize standard electric handling flatbed trucks, but also non-standard electric flatbed cars for handling various molds.

The mold transfer vehicle can be customized as an electric vehicle with or without a track, or an unpowered vehicle. Unpowered vehicles can be towed by humans or by tractors. Because some molds have special characteristics such as high temperature, it is recommended that mold trackless electric flat carriage use electric driving to avoid harm to human bodies. And no pollution.

The trackless electric flat vehicle is mainly composed of a frame and four load-bearing wheels. In addition, the electric mold trackless electric truck also has electrical boxes and other equipment that provide power. The load-bearing wheels of the unpowered mold transfer vehicle are relatively simple. Electric mold transfer vehicles mostly use batteries as a power source to provide electricity. The sound and light alarms and stopping devices for people in the mold transfer vehicle can avoid collision with foreign objects and affect the use. Equipped with an intelligent charger as external power input, the plc control system installed in the mold transfer car can automatically go to the intelligent charger to charge itself when it is not working.

The mold transfer truck can allow technicians to design a suitable solution according to the mold that the user needs to carry. After the negotiation between the two parties, the transfer truck can be customized.

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